ENG: Media Contact Rules



  1. Zero zone (field) is only for coaches, medical Staff and players – media are not allowed to enter field during trainings and matches, they may stay only in indicated zones.
  2. Coaches and players can be interviewed only on special advertisement boards. Media which bought the rights for that kind of matches are able to make interviews first.
  3. Press conferences will take place in club building on Cicha 6 in Chorzów 15 minutes after match.
  4. Players of Ruch Chorzów S.A. are allowed only for comments on sport topics (form, matches, opponents, etc.).
  5. For interviews on organizational matters media may ask: press spokesman, managing board or other person nominated by managing board. For most important matters all pieces of information will be published on official webpage and send to the base of registered journalists.
  6. Broader interview and meetings with players, team, staff members are onlu organized by and with press spokesman.
  7. All interviews with team, staff members, managing board members, supervisory board members are possible to be organized only after negotiations with press spokesman. Press spokesman is responsible for its authorization.
  8. Camera operators and camera-reporters are not allowed to hide any kind of advertisement on stadium.
  9. Ruch Chorzów S.A. issues press accreditations on whole round or for one chosen match only based on accreditation application send to press spokesman no later than 48 hours before match.
  10. Ruch Chorzów S.A. can make limitation of accreditation number.
Tomasz Ferens
Press spokesman
Pn Wt Śr Cz Pt So Nd
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