ENG: Media Contact Rules


Press accreditation for matches in which Ruch Chorzów S.A. is host are given to media representatives only after applying accreditation applications by fax (+4832 346 35 35) or by
e-mail (

 Download Accreditation Application

One time accreditation application will be accepted 48 hours before match beginning.

Deadline for applying for accreditation for 2012/13 is 25th July 2012. Accreditations are valid for Ekstraklasa and Polish Cup matches on stadium on Cicha 6 Street in Chorzów.

Applying of application is equal to accepting Ruch Chorzów S.A. media contact rules for 2012/13 season.

We kindly inform that there is possibility of limitation of accreditations in case of many application forms. We also inform that we will grant 40 permanent accreditations and 17 one-time accreditations for each match.

If you have any doubts or questions please call Donata Chrusciel our press spokesman by telephone (+48 664 14 34 22).



  1. Zero zone (field) is only for coaches, medical Staff and players – media are not allowed to enter field during trainings and matches, they may stay only in indicated zones.
  2. Coaches and players can be interviewed only on special advertisement boards. Media which bought the rights for that kind of matches are able to make interviews first.
  3. Press conferences will take place in club building on Cicha 6 in Chorzów 15 minutes after match.
  4. Players of Ruch Chorzów S.A. are allowed only for comments on sport topics (form, matches, opponents, etc.).
  5. For interviews on organizational matters media may ask: press spokesman, managing board or other person nominated by managing board. For most important matters all pieces of information will be published on official webpage and send to the base of registered journalists.
  6. Broader interview and meetings with players, team, staff members are onlu organized by and with press spokesman.
  7. All interviews with team, staff members, managing board members, supervisory board members are possible to be organized only after negotiations with press spokesman. Press spokesman is responsible for its authorization.
  8. Camera operators and camera-reporters are not allowed to hide any kind of advertisement on stadium.
  9. Ruch Chorzów S.A. issues press accreditations on whole round or for one chosen match only based on accreditation application send to press spokesman no later than 48 hours before match.
  10. Ruch Chorzów S.A. can make limitation of accreditation number.
Donata Chruściel
Press spokesman
Pn Wt Śr Cz Pt So Nd
  • Urodziny Pawła Oleksego
  • LMJM: Stilon Gorzów - Ruch
    Godzina: 13:30
  • Urodziny Macieja Urbańczyka
  • Urodziny Jakuba Araka
  • IV liga: Raków II Częstochowa - Ruch II
    Godzina: 11:00
  • LWJS: Ruch - MOSiR Jastrzębie
    Godzina: 11:00
  • 27. kolejka Lotto Ekstraklasy: Ruch - Piast Gliwice
    Godzina: 18:00
  • IV liga: Slavia Ruda Śląska - Ruch II Chorzów
    Godzina: 17:00
  • LMJM: Ruch - Górnik Zabrze
    Godzina: 13:00
  • Urodziny Marcina Kowalczyka
  • LWJS: Ruch - ROW Rybnik
    Godzina: 11:00
  • 28. kolejka Lotto Ekstraklasy: Korona Kielce - Ruch
    Godzina: 18:00
  • Urodziny Waldemara Fornalika
  • Urodziny Milena Gamakowa
  • LWJS: MSPN Górnik Zabrze - Ruch
    Godzina: 18:00
  • LMJM: MOSiR Opole - Ruch
    Godzina: 11:00
  • 29. kolejka Lotto Ekstraklasa: Ruch - Pogoń Szczecin
    Godzina: 15:30
  • IV liga: Ruch Radzionków - Ruch II Chorzów
    Godzina: 13:00
  • 97. urodziny Ruchu
  • 30. kolejka Lotto Ekstraklasy: Lech Poznań - Ruch
    Godzina: 18:00
  • LMJM: Śląsk Wrocław - Ruch
    Godzina: 16:00
  • IV liga: Gwarek Tarnowskie Góry - Ruch II Chorzów
    Godzina: 17:00
  • LWJS: Ruch - Polonia Bytom
    Godzina: 13:30
  • Pierwszy trening "Niebieskich" pod wodzą Krzysztofa Warzychy
    Godzina: 16:00
  • 31. kolejka Lotto Ekstraklasy: Wisła Płock - Ruch
    Godzina: 15:30
  • IV liga: Ruch II Chorzów - RKS Grodziec
    Godzina: 11:00
  • LMJM: Ruch - Falubaz Zielona Góra
    Godzina: 17:00
  • LWJS: Zagłębie Sosnowiec - Ruch
    Godzina: 11:00
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